Fixing Cars With the Brands You Know

Finally a great game gets even better!

The mod came after I played numerous hours of the game and strived for realism.  At first, this need was fulfilled by the introduction of mod cars.  But even after having real cars in the game, the details that were so minor started to stick out.  It was at this point I decided that I would start to modify the in-game assets to meet my need for further realism.  After changing a few items, the look and feel of the game changed drastically. Never have i been so happy to raise a car lift, or even stop and look at my whole shop with REAL BRANDS!  After I made a few, I knew that this was something that the community needed that the developers could not supply due to legalities.  So here I am, offering this creation to you free of charge!
The Creation

I need your help! My vision for this is a community mod in which anyone can give input about what brands to include, or what design choices are made. This entire mods creation is done live streamed on Twitch to allow everyone to give advice or just see the creative process. Please feel free to drop in and say Hi!

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Help With The Mod

CURRENT VERSION: 1.6.5.R3 The installer will take care of all the hard work, all you have to do is tell the installer where the game is (since we all may have the game installed in separate places). You have to direct the installer to the BASE FOLDER of the game. For most, this may be: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Car Mechanic Simulator 2018\ But it can be any directory to where you have you library at. You will know you are in the right location when you see the following folders; cms2018_data and Moddingtools. Once you select this folder, the installer will take care of the rest! The mod is a .EXE format that comes in the .ZIP file. The EXE is safe and will allow for the simplicity of installation. WARNING: IF THE MOD IS NOT DOWNLOADED FROM HERE, I CANNOT GUARANTEE THE CONTENTS OR SAFETY OF THE MOD IF MOD LINK DOES NOT WORK, MOD IS ALSO HOSTED AT NEXUS MODS:

Content Creators
Hey There Content Creators!  I would love to see reviews/use of this mod in your streams/videos.  Let me know when you stream/post a video so I can watch!
Real Car Names Mod

Change the fictional in-game car names to their real-life counterparts.

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